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:::This is a dictionary, containing explanations of words. There is no opinion of anyone. Can you provide a link to the thing that you claim? -- [[Uživatel:Tegel|Tegel]] ([[Diskuse s uživatelem:Tegel|diskuse]]) 15. 4. 2020, 15:52 (CEST)
:::: [[estébák]] - they totally censor it. And they deleted several discussions
:::::This wiki don't have any censor, so if it's still censored it must mean that the information was really bad. If you add information that need to be censored you will probably be blocked. Discuss the matter in a more civilized way instead. It's easier to get it your way if you are nice than if you are rude. -- [[Uživatel:Tegel|Tegel]] ([[Diskuse s uživatelem:Tegel|diskuse]]) 15. 4. 2020, 16:15 (CEST)