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pád \ číslo singulár plurál
nominativ aim aims

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  1. cíl, záměr, úmysl
    • If pleasure is the aim of poetry, it is only reasonable to focus on the most pleasurable genres, tragedy and comedy.[1]

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  1. intention, goal

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kategorie tvar
infinitiv aim
3. osoba aims
préteritum aimed
perfektum aimed
vid průběhový aiming

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  1. cílit, mířit, zaměřit
    • [...] the scientific realist holds that science aims to produce true descriptions of things in the world (or approximately true descriptions, or ones whose central terms successfully refer, and so on).[2]
    • The difference, she argues, is that rational egoists (like others making non-moral claims) aim at knowledge, and for putative knowledge, in cases of disagreement between epistemic peers, suspension of belief is required.[3]

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