Thanks for patrolling! --Tchoř (diskuse) 24. 9. 2015, 18:27 (UTC)

Also thanks for patrolling! --Kusurija (diskuse) 2. 8. 2017, 23:25 (CEST)

Don't be like themEditovat

They are paid by refaktorizováno oligarch who wants to be dictator. They censor articles So that he is happy

Don't vandalise pages and everything will be OK. -- Tegel (diskuse) 15. 4. 2020, 15:47 (CEST)
Nothing Is ok Till they stop the censorship. They are servants of oligarch billionaire refaktorizováno Andrej Babiš. They want this Wiki to be pro him. They hate opposition and Liberty. I must fight!!!
This is a dictionary, containing explanations of words. There is no opinion of anyone. Can you provide a link to the thing that you claim? -- Tegel (diskuse) 15. 4. 2020, 15:52 (CEST)
estébák - they totally censor it. And they deleted several discussions
This wiki don't have any censor, so if it's still censored it must mean that the information was really bad. If you add information that need to be censored you will probably be blocked. Discuss the matter in a more civilized way instead. It's easier to get it your way if you are nice than if you are rude. -- Tegel (diskuse) 15. 4. 2020, 16:15 (CEST)
This wiki has censor. His name Is Sintakso. Other censor Lenka64 And Mormegil. They just lie and lie And lie And block And delete the truth. They lie because the refaktorizováno oligarch pays them. They block everyone who is agaist them So they Always win.
No, this wiki don't have any censors. Censors is a set of tools that is normally called Oversighters, and as you can see here there is no users with that permission. The users that you refer to is normal users and one of them is an administrator, nothing else. Mind your language or otherwise you might be blocked for using a rude language. -- Tegel (diskuse) 15. 4. 2020, 17:13 (CEST)