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Prosím, požádejte o něj. --Auvajs (diskuse) 1. 12. 2015, 08:20 (CET)[]

Prosím? Na co myslíte? Nerozumím. --ОЗонъ (diskuse) 2. 12. 2015, 14:02 (CET)[]

Vizte prosím Wikislovník:Boti. --Auvajs (diskuse) 2. 12. 2015, 21:29 (CET)[]

Nejsem bot. For example I see that ~1000 pages has the word "tvrdé" and ~10 has the word "tvrdý". For the wiktionary to be more consistent I manually change such percents into musch more wideused form. I don't think that writing a bot would be helpful with respect to costs it demands. Structuring wiktionary is a better approach. But I do not have sufficient skills and authority for this task. So I just did it this way.--ОЗонъ (diskuse) 3. 12. 2015, 17:46 (CET)[]

Your contributions were made in a way which is typical for bots. If you're a human please welcome :) --Auvajs (diskuse) 16. 12. 2015, 16:00 (CET)--Auvajs (diskuse) 16. 12. 2015, 16:00 (CET)[]